About Us

Roxin-Alfa Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned enterprise, a member of the Roxin Group, operating for many years across the country with several branch offices. The company's main objective is the application of the most up-to-date technologies and materials, benefiting our customers with the best cost/effectiveness ratio. We pride ourselves in the quality of our professional work, accompanied with full documentation and keeping our clients fully informed. Only environmentally friendly chemicals are used, protecting the environment to the full extent possible.

We are tirelessly expanding our knowledge by industry publications, participating in conferences and publishing in a nationally circulated trade magazine on request. For the last few years, by maintaining regular contact with German and Italian pest extermination companies, we had the opportunity to use the latest substances on active areas prior to their introduction to the market. Consequently, cutting edge materials and technologies are delivered to the customer, who benefit from market-leading products and services at an introductory price.

A high proportion of our clients realized that a long-term relationship with the same pest extermination provider to do the job enables significant savings, benefiting both parties.

Due to the specific nature of our assignments, our 3 divisions are separate companies, all called Roxin, each with a main medical gas master offering pest exterminating services of a specialized field. (Rodent and pest control; objects of historical interests, flying insects, bedbugs, etc.). The Roxin Group field the most skilled professionals together, enabling - from a simple insect and rodent extermination through the entire range of IPC / IPM exemption - task coordination and completion at the same time.