Rodent control

Currently, pest control services observe the requirements of IPC (Integrated Pest Control) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management).
After precisely mapping the level of pest infection, a rodent poisoning map is prepared.  According to this, sealable plastic bins for mouse and rat extermination are placed out, each containing an OEK-approved blood-clotting agent, effective after only one consumption. Consumption of baits are checked, recorded and baits replaced as necessary during regular inspections.
Without exception, poisoned baits are BITREX protected (bitter taste) and containers conform to European Union standards, preventing further poisonings whilst protecting the environment.
If poison baits can not be used we may substitute them with special materials, such as sticky sheets or catch alive mouse traps.
Besides chemical control, we can assist with mapping technical deficiencies in an area during our initial inspection. If required, a comprehensive solution encompassing all areas and deficiencies are offered.